Average Mole removal cost

Moles are raised marks on a persons skin that can appear randomly on any part of the body head to toe. Usually the moles are either black or brown in color and are mostly benign and harmless. For some, the moles may be as large as bottle caps while for others it may be just as small as a dot. And for some there may even be hair growth near the region, which can make the mole very disturbing to look at. But the moles can be easily removed from the skin using simple surgical methods in a clinic at the expense of a small mole removal cost.

The cause of mole formation is quite unclear till now. Some people have it from birth and some people develop it overtime due to verexposure to the sun. But either way it is always better options to get them checked out, and get them removed if you consider them as aesthetically unpleasing. Also sudden appearances of moles can be an early sign of melanoma which has to be discussed with the dermatologist immediately. The mole removal cost depends on a number of factors. The dermatologist who agrees to remove the mole will consider the size, location and complexity of surgery before disclosing the amount that will be required to remove the mole.
Also if the dermatologist suspects the mole to be cancerous or malignant, he might order a pathology test, which will cost you extra in addition to the mole removal cost. But in such cases where the dermatologist orders for the testing and the removal of the mole, the insurance money will cover for the procedure and all the tests included. But in other cases, where you need to remove the mole just for aesthetic reason your insurance cover may not pay for it. So consider this before you opt for the surgical removal of the mole.

Moles are removed surgically by two methods depending on the nature of it. They may either be removed by regular Excision or cutting or they can be removed by Excision with Cauterization. The regular Excision method involves cutting or shaving of the mole, which may require stitches after the procedure. But in the Excision with cauterization method the mole is burnt away using a special tool with the help of lasers. This will not leave any scars behind, but the procedure may not be used for moles that are very deep. Hence the mole removal cost will also depend on the above mentioned type of surgeries.

Finally, considering all the above mentioned factors and the cosmetic outcome desired, your dermatologist will charge you anywhere from $350 – $500 for the removal of the mole. Though the surgical removal of the mole does have a lot of upsides, it may not be entirely necessary unless it is malignant. If youre considering the mole removal just to improve the looks, consider the mole removal cost and the involved surgery and decide well, as there are other natural remedies to diminish the presence of moles as well. So think well and choose the perfect option that suits you.