Cookies For Special Occasions

Undoubtedly, menu is an essential feature of the party. Carefully pre-planning everything and including appropriate meals and appetizers will make guests feel good and warmly-welcomed. Especially, cookies can be included in any party menu. They appear palatable and they are simple to make. Cookies are an ideal dessert if you have no time to make something more complex or in case your budget is restricted. Decorating your favorite cookies in an appropriate manner will help you create an awesome dessert platter.

Baking cookies for special occasions is interesting and simple. Just use your favorite recipe and alter the cookies to correspond to the party theme and atmosphere. Just keep it simple and locate appropriate cookies recipes. Choose a cookie recipe that you know and that you’ve already tested. Experimenting with new recipes could result in failure. Analyze the recipe ahead of time, in case you have sufficient time for culinary trials. You should otherwise get a recipe. For that you can take help from few of these online sources like, cookie decorating books,, etc.
Here is a traditional recipe which one may use for your next special occasion.

Ingredients are:

You need 3 1/2 cups of flour, 2cups of sugar, 2 tbsps. of butter, two eggs, half a cup of milk, 2 tbsps. of baking powder, 1/2 tbsps. of salt and vanilla extract.

a) Obtain a sizable bowl and mix the butter and sugar. Milk and eggs go in next. Your dough is prepared and you may now form cookies. It’s all about the shape of the cookie. Select forms that will appear great and that correspond to the party theme.

b) You can make cookies in any shape that’s suitable. They can be turned into diapers, horseshoes, rugby balls and even famous tourism attractions. It is all about the topic as well as the favorite activities of the people that the party is devoted to.