Face it Facebook – Film on Windows is Fun

Facebook has saved my life. How, you wonder? Because if it wasnt for Facebook, Id actually have to be consciously at my office 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and sometimes on Saturday if my boss if feeling a bit off.

But thanks to Facebook, I can drift off to another world for upwards of 4 hours a day. Thats right, on my best days I can literally say that half of my time is spent twiddling my metaphorical thumbs on Facebook. So, I guess you can say Im a Facebook expert, which is why I was disheartened to see how difficult it is for me to get my fix on window film.

Say what? Yes, I know that what I just said probably makes no sense to you – but I have an obsession with window film. It all began at a carnival I was at with my wife, when some barker (a guy who calls out to you at the fair) told us to come on by to check out this new and mysterious product. I bit the bullet and went over and was exposed to some amazing tint. The barker said you can try these out too you know, and he pointed to the window film on the wall.

So I took some home with me and installed them on my downstairs window. Now its about time that I find a way to install more, which is why Ive decided to go to Facebook. I assumed Facebook would lead me to the sites I want to see, however, thats just not the case. Im disappointed to say that if I want to fill my fix on Facebook, Ill have to go directly to the source, https://www.facebook.com/WindowEnergySolutions
, the leader of all things tint. As for Facebook, sooner or later theyll understand that I should be able to to a simple search and find what I want – TINT and nothing more.