How Can I Make Money For My School?

A school can have as many extracurricular activities as desired if funding is available; for that reason, it is important to look for means of school fund raisers. Collecting cans for cash is an easy way to make extra cash leaving behind a clean environment in the process. Plastic bottles can be recycled to make items that can be sold to raise some funds. Handmade crafts can be sold on a stand at a busy mall to generate funds for your school programs. Needless to say, you should make sure to obtain permission before setting a stand on private property.

Get your friends to team up and provide car wash services over the weekend as a means of school fund raisers. Put a big sticker indicating the purpose of the activity to obtain donations to fulfill your cause. You could also hold a bake sale at a busy glossary store to raise funds for your school; in addition, you can set up a refreshment stand at a public place with the right permit to generate funds for your school. Selling raffle tickets could generate some funds for your school; provide adequate entertainment for the customers to have fun as you raise funds for your school.