List Of Important Marriage Work

The main planning tool used by most people who are struggling to manage their time is the daily to-do list. Learn why to-do lists don’t work, and how you can improve your time management skills to increase your productivity and peace of mind.

There is lots of work to do before marriage like inviting guests, shopping, catering, flower arrangements and many more. You can take help of the internet by which you can do much work sitting at your home like you can go to the website inexpensive wedding invitations.

The key point to keep in mind is to plan by the week, not by the day. Using the week instead of the day as your time management building block forces you to look at things differently. This main advantage over the daily to-do list is that you’ll be able to see how your different appointments and tasks relate to each other from day to day.

Once you have your week at a glance planner, follow these steps at the beginning of each week:

1. Identify your top weekly goals for each role and responsibility you have.
2. For each of these goals, ask yourself, “What actions do I need to take to achieve this goal?”
3. For actions that are not time-sensitive, assign them to the days where they fit best. Certain actions may seem interchangeable from a scheduling perspective. Weekly planning shifts your focus so you can confidently say no to the things that matter least and willingly say yes to the things that matter maximum.