The Link Between Stress And Obesity

Stress is synonymous with our daily activities. Be it a student, homemaker or a working professional stress in an integral part of our life. The old and senile too are stressed by their failing health and the thought of being a recluse. While it is difficult to eliminate stress, you can best try and manage stress such that it does not harm you physically and mentally.

When you are highly stressed, there is a higher secretion of the stress hormone, cortisol. Higher levels of cortisol in the blood trigger the hunger hormones. With the result, you have a ravenous appetite and end up bingeing leading to a higher calorie intake and subsequent weight gain. To get rid of the accumulated weight, follow diet plans. They provide calorie restricted pre packed foods thus allowing you to eat the right foods in the right quantities. If you want to reap bargains on diet meal subscriptions, get hold of nutrisystem coupon codes 2013. Stress also leads to insomnia and depression. Being sleepless at nights causes midnight tours to the pantry, while depression leads to emotional eating. Under both these cases, you do not eat to satiate your physical hunger, but to cheer up the state of your mind. You need to follow stress busting techniques like exercise, yoga and meditation.