Three Things That Everyone Should Know In Case They Get Arrested

A lot of people panic when they have an encounter with a police officer, which is understandable. Law enforcement is very intimidating because it feels like you have done something wrong even when you have not. Plus, for most of us it is an unfamiliar situation. We do not deal with police officers on a daily basis and so when we come across one it is immediately uncomfortable. Even when we have done absolutely nothing it can be very stressful. So, if you do find yourself in a situation where you are confronted by a police officer there are three things that you should remember.

First, know that they have to have a reason to stop you and keep you from leaving their presence. If they do stop you and someone in your position would not believe they could leave, that is considered being in custody, so your Miranda rights must be read to you. If they do this and have not read you Miranda then they are getting information from you illegally. So attempt to leave if you are feeling pressured and put them in a situation where it would be clear that you are in custody.

Second, once you are in custody or arrested immediately ask for you lawyer. They can no longer ask you questions until your lawyer is present. Claim your right to counsel and call a lawyer like Chad+Bank. No matter what the charge do this. If could be as simple as a DUI in Rhode Island to as serious as battery.

Finally, do not say anything. Let your lawyer do all the talking for you. Being silent can not be used as an admission in court. That would be a violation of your right against self incrimination. Stay quiet and let the process work itself out.