What Customers Prefer from Phoenix Janitorial Services

When it comes to Phoenix janitorial services, such as those provided at http://www.serviceplusofaz.com/janitorial-services keep in mind that nearly all customers like it better if the service provider brings its own cleaning supplies. That way the homeowners no longer have to think about visiting the store to purchase cleaning supplies before the contractor starts cleaning. A number of customers have their own special cleaners for floors or appliances in their homes. These clients and customers typically have these cleaners available for Phoenix janitorial services. Almost all households in the area have their own vacuum cleaner. That way the service provider no longer has to carry around a heavy vacuum cleaner from one house to another.

As a contractor of Phoenix janitorial services, you have to sell your services based on the quality of work and not how much you charge for it. If the rates are dirt cheap, clients will instantly consider your work as substandard and that you are inexperienced. At the same time, you want to appeal to clients that can afford your janitorial services. Cleaning is hard, strenuous, physical work, so charge what you think you are worth.

A number of companies that provide Phoenix janitorial services charge per hour, whereas others charge per room. Other companies charge a fixed rate per house and others charge per square foot. Obviously, it is way convenient for the customer to charge you for the whole thing rather than per hour. A client has other important things to think about and monitoring the duration of your janitorial services is last on their list of priorities.